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FX Sensation ProClick Image To Visit SiteThe frustration… repeated failures… jumping from one big overhyped promise to the next… almost giving up.

So when we place our trades, they send the price right up, take out our stops, and deplete our accounts.

Yeah, they might appease you every now and again with a few winning trades but they still hold that sledgehammer over your trades, ready to smash it at will if it pleases them.

You begin shelling out money to the scum who own flashy sales pages–something you probably wouldn’t have done in the past.

It suddenly looks attractive when you see all the "proof" and the testimonials… you could almost feel all that money between your fingers…

Soon, every other day, your inbox fills up with pitches for the latest "auto" or "robot" or some "copy my trades" software…

So between the banks and the scammers…you… me… and other retail traders… we have been taken for fools

And I’m going to show you how you can quickly and easily begin siphoning a full-time income out of the markets

One of my trading students, Fred Davis, said to me after I sat back down at my laptop after returning from the bathroom at a Starbucks we were hanging out at:

And somehow I thought it rude and audacious when, one day, after I requested a bank statement, he asked, "What do you do?" Apparently, his curiosity was piqued after he saw my balance.

Immediately, I thought to myself: What? Because I’m so young, I’m not supposed to have such a substantial amount of money in the bank?

"Wow, you must be really good to be making all this money. Maybe you could show me how to do what you do sometime…"

And how I knew he was REALLY serious was when, one… Read more…


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